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Bauxite Aurukun Mine Scheduling

The Client's Challenge

Aurukun is a greenfield bauxite project. The client required detailed planning over the life of mine to support investment decisions. This involved intricately sequencing mining activities and materials handling.

Aurukun is a unique bauxite project that would involve backfilling fines from beneficiation into completed pits requiring integration of mining and tailings operations. The client also required detailed analysis of equipment selection and fleet sizing desktop studies. The work would be summarised in a detailed activity-based cost model.

IMC's Solution

IMC guided the project through the scoping and pre-feasibility stages from the technical perspective. IMC successfully demonstrated the technical and financial viability of the project. This was based on a holistic plan of mining and tailing deposition activities. IMC’s solution ensured that a blended final product that would meet customers’ requirements, while also maintaining mining practicality.

IMC Mining were able to achieve this outcome through our ability to fully leverage state-of-the-art mathematical programming techniques which we apply to mining problems. IMC also used the in-house purpose-built cost modelling tool to validate and further refine the strategic plan. This also supported the selection of the correct equipment for the mining conditions on site.

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bauxite aurukun
Aurukun Satellite View