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Mining mentoring & Training

Mining training is a key deliverable of our work programs. IMC train based on our bespoke approach to mine planning including in-house systems.
IMC focuses on continuous mentoring of site engineers and handover of our IP ensuring that strategic plans become reality.

our Mentoring and training

Python Training

Python for Resource Professionals

IMC Python Training Courses are Running Regularly

IMC provides Python training for resource professionals from a basic level to more advanced tasks for data science, block model manipulation and more. IMC have existing Python courses and can create tailor made courses for specific needs. 

Python in mining is a useful tool in many cases. From transferring data between pieces of software to visualising block models in 3D in a resource efficient manner. IMC have developed their own Python library, MiningPy, focussed on mining specific operations as well as custom Python scripts to transfer data between popular mining packages and more. IMC are able to develop more scripts for specific needs where required.

IMC have years of experience to draw upon and our tight-knit team will be able to help with any enquiries that you may have. The brochure below details our most popular Python Training Course.

The course can be taken with our engineers in person in Brisbane or over video online. 

Python Training
Download 2-Day Python Training Brochure

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