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Mining mentoring & Training

Mining training is a key deliverable of our work programs. IMC train based on our bespoke approach to mine planning which includes systems developed in-house.
IMC focuses on continuous mentoring of site engineers and handover of our IP to clients ensuring that strategic plans become reality.

our Mentoring and training

Scheduling Training

Scheduling to Maximise NPV

Scheduling Using Linear Programming

Mine scheduling is a key aspect of operating a successful project. An effective mine schedule can increase value, increase mine life and find solutions to potential bottlenecks.

At IMC we can provide training on using our linear programming methods to schedule your project. We can assist in the development of a bespoke schedule taking into consideration the social and economic factors unique to the project. We primarily use Minemax – our Principal Mining Engineer, Francois Bazin has co written a paper on linear programming to optimise haulage networks. This is on our blog. 

Our linear programming solution will maximise NPV while also allowing for fine grained control of the solution. These controls are highly flexible and broad ranging. For example, they can be constraints on a maximum processing plant throughput or a limit on how much money can be spent on equipment per period. Being trained on these controls is key to effective scheduling and something that the IMC team are highly proficient with. We can provide training in the techniques required to best utilise these controls.

Mining Training

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