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about IMC

IMC specialises in mine to market consulting, resource development planning, strategic optimisation, financial modelling and feasibility study management. We work with our clients to break down the organisation silos and engage with all stakeholders.

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While project value drivers are interdependent, modern data science tools enable our team to integrate these values into a robust project optimisation framework. Our team of mining experts are able to rationally process data and develop practical mining plans. IMC understands both the science of modern day data manipulation, interrogation and the practicalities operating mines in challenging environments around the world.

IMC implements leading edge planning, designing and optimising strategies for mines in a range of commodities and operation types from open cut coal to underground diamond mines. IMC’s mining consulting can assist with the adoption of our state-of-the-art mine value optimisation ensuring maximum returns. IMC considers mine operations as a holistic process from resource modelling to market. As mining consultants in Australia, we have developed our own systems for optimising value while utilising standard software solutions when required.

IMC have developed a range of our own in-house tools for data management, machine learning, Pseudoflow optimisation and cost modelling. Using these with standard mine planning, Pseudoflow optimisation and scheduling packages, IMC can optimise mines considering a large range of parameters. This results in an array of scenarios for a range out of outcomes to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions.

Our life of mine and resource development plans culminate in a zero based cost model. Our cost modelling pragmatically presents the pros and cons of individual scenarios and enumerates the risk/reward of alternate outcomes from the planning process. This provides mining executives at all levels within the organisation with a comprehensive matrix of outcomes to assist with decision making. Once a development pathway has been identified, our team are then able to formalise an execution plan for the preferred scenario.

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our Team

Our team of mining consultants in Australia is all about big data analysis and control enabling rapid turnaround of mine strategy development. Modern mine operations are characterised by an overwhelming amount of data. Our team uses state of the art data science and machine learning methodologies based on Python coding and fast data manipulation tools to process mine data. This enables swift review and customisation of mine operations data to inform IMC developed systems efficiently to ensure value optimisation of the whole operation.

Our team are a rare hybrid of mining experts and data science experts of mining consultants in Australia.  The data science tools are used in the context of a comprehensive understanding of the drivers behind the optimisation of mine value to all stakeholders. We utilise a range of AWS services to assist with aspects such as machine learning, data security and sharing of data with clients. 

Diamond mining optimisation pseudoflow Lerchs-Grossmann algorithm

Senior Leadership Team

Stewart Lewis


Stewart is the CEO of IMC Mining.

Francois Bazin

François Bazin

Principal Mining Engineer

François is a mining engineer with both operational and technical experience across numerous coal and metals projects throughout Australia, Mongolia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Africa and the Solomon Islands.

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Software we use

We use a range of mining software packages including Vulcan, Minemax, and Pandas

Maptek Vulcan Pit Design
Maptek Vulcan
Maptek Vulcan Pit Design
Geovia Whittle
Deswik Pseudoflow CAD
Talpac Mining Consultants
RPM Talpac
Python Pandas Mining Data Science
Python Pandas
RPM Global
RPM Global
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Mining Engineering, Whole of Mine, Mine to Market, Resource Development Planning, Pseudoflow Optimisation and Machine Learning 

Mine to Market Consulting

At your service since 2004.


Established in Brisbane.

Brisbane is located closer to more of Australia’s mining areas than any other capital city. Brisbane is a global resource hub as well as a centre of excellence for mining. We are surrounded by mining organisations and software developers propelling mining into the future.