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Gahcho Kué Mine



Deposit Style

Kimberlite pipe


De Beers Canada & Mountain Province Diamonds



gahcho kue diamond mine open pit optimisation

The Client's Challenge

Gahcho Kue open pit diamond mine is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Soon after the operation began, the mine encountered adverse geotechnical conditions which led to the revision of the life of mine plan. This had to be completed over the course of a few months to inform the shareholders of any impacts to the mine life and equipment requirements.  As the mine is located at the end of an ice road, planning ahead for mine equipment and fuel requirements is critical.

IMC's Solution

IMC was able to work with the client to incorporate the new geotechnical criteria in their pit optimisation and design process. This involved minimising the need for additional waste stripping.

Using advanced strategic scheduling and mathematical modelling, IMC Mining was able to provide the client with a revised life of mine plan, carat profile, waste dumping sequence as well as equipment requirements. The strategic mine plan was validated using tactical planning tools to ensure that the highest value development sequence was practical and executable.

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