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Debswana: Jwaneng, Orapa, Letlhakane, Damtshaa Mine and associated undeveloped resources



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Kimberlite pipe





debswana jwaneng orapa diamond mine strategic scheduling

The Client's Challenge

Assist the client in refreshing their resource development plan (RDP). The RDP is an integrated plan to realise the true value of all currently operating assets and to advance known resources through the development pipeline. IMC was asked to provide a modelling tool that can be used to assess the strategic direction of the portfolio. This modelling tool combined with the RDP is intended to provide guidance along the whole value chain, including:

  • exploration teams for the prioritisation of targets
  • tactical mine planning
  • testing plant capacities and expansion options
  • testing impacts of marketing constraints on the mine development sequence
  • assessing business wide implications of challenges and constraints within particular assets

IMC's Solution

IMC’s main solution is centred around an optimisation tool that combines all the assets in the portfolio in one platform. This considers a wide range of resources currently owned by the client, including: open pit, underground, alluvial and mineralised tailings. The optimisation model built by IMC Mining simultaneously considered the mining, haulage, stockpiling, blending, processing, and downstream market constraints in order to identify the highest NPV development plan.

The model integrated all current operating assets and known potential resources. We were able to utilise the optimisation model to quickly and accurately assess many different development options and quantify their value for technical committee and board presentations.

At the end of the project IMC also provided training to the client such that they could adopt and modify the model to suit the project in the future. Find out more about our training here.

Location of Debswana Mines

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